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Each of our clients enjoys working with a real estate professional who truly cares about getting the results they deserve That personal commitment is backed by a depth of experience that’s rare in our real estate industry today. To catch just a glimpse of the expertise you’ll have on your side, please read on to learn more about all the great things you can rightfully expect from Jennye Schulenberg.​ Jennye Schulenberg Realtor Danielle Chavez Realtor Over the years, Jennye Schulenberg has proven to be a reliable source for quality and value in all types of residential properties From starter homes to luxury properties, each client finds Jennye Schulenberg demonstrates a keen ability to remain abreast of market trends while providing a broad range of options. Please Contact Jennye Schulenberg for an initial consultation For your convenience, to learn more about properties we are currently managing and those that meet your specific needs, contact us We are dedicated to delivering the results you are seeking Let's get started, call 907-229-4319 to talk with one of our friendly realtors, or use our contact form to tell us how we can help fulfill your real estate needs Our dedicated agents have the knowledge and dedication to make this your best move. Address 3350 Midtown Place Anchorage, AK 99503 907-229-4319 Jennye Schulenberg​ and her associates are among the premier residential real estate agents in Anchorage. Visit us to learn what we can do for you. Our team truly cares about our clients. Visit our site too learn more about Jennye Schulenberg and her team. Jennye Schulenberg​ can find properties to meet any need. We have curated a few of the finest selections in the Anchorage area to help narrow your search. Jennye Schulenberg​ is dedicated to meeting your needs, so we provide you with the tools necessary to find a home that will work for you. Give Jennye Schulenberg​ a call today to start your home search or home sale.
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